Synchronizer for Outlook Express 3.40: Message Synchronizer for Outlook Express synchhronizes messages among computers

Synchronizer for Outlook Express 3.40

messages when you need to read or reply on messages but these messages on another computer. Message Synchronizer for Outlook Express helps you have one message database on several computers. all what you need is just run Message Synchronizer for Outlook Express on these computers to update folders and message database. You should not afraid of lose messages or duplicates because Message Synchronizer for Outlook Express only copies newest messages

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MessageLock Email Encryption for Outlook 1.13.2551: MessageLock is an Email Encryption Add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Free trial!

MessageLock Email Encryption for Outlook 1.13.2551

message. The first time you send a message to someone, MessageLock will ask you for a password and then remember it for the next email you send. If MessageLock is installed at recipient`s end, the message can be decrypted immediately upon receipt and displayed as a regular message with no interaction required by the recipient. MessageLock includes a single line of text at the bottom of the message that alerts the recipient that this message was transmitted

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Message Mirror 5.3: Realtime backup you sms/mms/call log.

Message Mirror 5.3

Message Mirror is one of the tools you must have on your phone. Message Mirror can help you: - Find deleted messages and call log. - Restore deleted messages to INBOX and SENTBOX folders. - Backup messages and call log. - Secrete private messages. Message Mirror monitors all incoming and outgoing messages (SMS and MMS) and call activities on your phone and backups them in a database. Therefore you can browse messages and call log in this application even if you have deleted them from phone.

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Create Message Pro 1.00: Create Message Pro is for creating custom stand alone .EXE file messages

Create Message Pro 1.00

Message Pro allows you to configure and create stand alone .EXE files for distribution across your network or the Internet. Our Create Message Pro adds the ability to specify the message text, buttons to appear on the message, and the type of message icon that appears. Once your message is fully configured you can save that message anywhere on your computer or on your network as a free standing .EXE file. Messages created with Create Message Pro

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Message Boards Browser 2.0: Reader and offline browser for NNTP newsgroups and web based message boards.

Message Boards Browser 2.0

message board can be downloaded at the same time. User can define keywords with different colors. In all messages, keywords are colored with the defined color. If a message contains one keyword, a colored circle appears to the left of the name. If a message contains more than one keyword, the circle is divided into colored sectors. Messages and newsgroups can also be bookmarked with differnt marks. Some message boards or newsgroups can be marked

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Free Text Message from Computer Publish business products and services to bulk mobile phone contacts in no time

Free Text Message from Computer

message from computer machine provides best feature of delayed SMS delivery option that reduces network load by pausing messages sending process after broadcasting specified number of SMS resulting in successful message delivery status and improved product publicity to message recipients. Versatile bulk message sending software allows user to view all messages stored in outbox, inbox, sent, draft etc folders of Windows based mobile phone on computer

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Free Messages Online Free Messages Online program deliver single text over huge network across world

Free Messages Online

message from your windows computer system. Free Messages Online program delivers bulk SMS to all large organization for their goods advertisement. contains all useful and free bulk message program related information. Text SMS tool require simple step for software installation procedure. Free SMS on mobile requires less effort to connect your mobile device to computer and start sending text messages in bulk. Send text

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TextMagic Messenger 2.0: Send and receive SMS text messages from PC to mobile phones

TextMagic Messenger 2.0

messages from your PC computer. Key Benefits: Turns your computer into a mobile phone able to send and receive text messages. Send text messages to large groups. SMS marketing. Type long text messages effortlessly from the comfort of your keyboard. Fast, reliable service with fast delivery of your SMS messages. Simple. The software is easy to use, and the message pricing is straightforward. Save time and money. Sending a text message is often cheaper

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IMS Telephone On-Hold Player for Mac 3.31: Telephone on hold messages and music player software for Mac

IMS Telephone On-Hold Player for Mac 3.31

message and music capacity. * State-of-the-art `fuzzy logic` formula achieves the optimal message rotation rate. * Direct user control over messages and message scheduling. You can control the scheduling directly at your computer, or it can be set by the studio that produces your messages. * User recorded messages. The software is usually used with professionally recorded messages but the software also allows you to record your own messages directly

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Free Text Message Online Bulk Free Text Message Online application sends mass SMS to targeted audience

Free Text Message Online

messages. Protected Free Text Message Online program gives easy GUI for easily operating software to deliver mass text messages. Features: * Free Text Message Online software facilitates user to deliver multiple text SMS by using pc/laptop and GSM based mobile phone *Bulk text message application provides facility to deliver bulk SMS without internet connectivity *Excellent Free Text Message Online program is very easy to install in MAC pc and allows

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